Latest News & Site Updates

2018-08-26: Added a link for PDF Meet Notes on the Home page. Added final Day 3 info on the Course Details page. Added recreational start window on the Event Schedule page.

2018-08-19:  Added Joe Burkhead's Day 6 course notes and Mikell's slightly revised Day 3 course notes and embargo map on the Course Details page.  Added details for awards & scoring on the Results page.

2018-08-17:  Updated Day 5 parking / start information on the Course Details page.  Added preview map download links on the Registration and Course Details pages (for East Pelican Bay, Twin Boulders, and Superfly Marsh).

2018-08-15:  Updated the regular registration deadline and added new details for recreational entries on the Registration page.

2018-08-14:  Added Mikell's new mapping notes for 2018.  Added course details for Day 3 & Day 5.

2018-08-13:  Updated volunteer list and added link to sign-up sheet.  Added new overview map.  Added course details and driving directions for Days 3, 4, and 6.  Added hat image.  Added event schedule details for OUSA Town Hall and OUSA mapping workshops.  Added details for $2 showers at the rec center.

2018-07-24:  Changed Day 1 course description (it's not a goat-style course); added full details for Day 1 and Day 2 on the Course Details page.

2018-06-28:  Added packet pickup time & location on the Event Schedule and Registration pages.  Added this year's overview map to the Event Schedule and Travel & Lodging pages.

2018-05-27:  Added links for online registration and list of registered runners on the Registration page.

2018-05-14:  Posted dinner and hat details on the Registration page.

2018-04-25:  Posted basic 2018 event details.

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